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May the 4th Be With You! 2015 | Marvin Center, Amphitheater

6:30-8:00 | Exclusive Viewing and Q & A session of the film Fight for Space sponsored by ENDEAVORIST

  • Paul Hildebrandt (Creator and Director)
  • Rich Evans III (PR and Social Media Coordinator)

Streaming Live: livestream.com/viewnow/exploremars2015

May 5, 2015 | Lisner Auditorium

8:45-9:00 | Welcome/Acknowledgements/etc.

9:00-9:30 | Opening Plenary

9:30-10:00 | The Year in Review: A Window of Opportunity

  • Scott Hubbard (Stanford University; former Director of NASA Mars Exploration Program)

10:00-10:55 | Leadership Panel

  • Moderator – Kent Rominger (Orbital ATK; VP, Strategy and Business Development: Astronaut)
  • William Gerstenmaier (NASA Assoc. Administrator, Administrator, Human Exploration and
    Mission Directorate)
  • John Grunsfeld (NASA Assoc. Administrator, Science Mission Directorate)
  • Steve Jurczyk (NASA Assoc. Administrator, Space Technology Mission Directorate)

10:55-11:15 | Break

11:15-12:00 | The Extraordinary Science of Mars

  • Moderator – James Garvin (NASA Chief Scientist, Goddard Space Flight Center)
  • Pamela Conrad (NASA GSFC, Deputy PI on MSL/Curiosity SAM investigation)
  • Jennifer Eigenbrode (NASA GSFC, Astrobiologist)
  • Danny Glavin (NASA GSFC, Astrochemist)

12:00-12:30 | The Martian

  • Interviewer Marc Kaufman (Author, Mars Up Close; National Geographic)
  • Andrew Weir (Author of The Martian) – via Skype

12:30-2:00 | Lunch

2:00-2:20 | The ‘AWE’ of Mars – Inspiring the Future

2:20-2:50 | How will we go to Mars?

  • Bret Drake (NASA JSC)

2:50-3:20 | Why Mars?

3:20-3:35 | ExoLance: Search for Life Below the Martian Surface

  • Joe Cassady (Aerojet Rocketdyne Executive Director, Space, Washington, D.C. Office)

3:35-3:55 | Break

3:55-4:15 | Time Capsule to Mars

4:15-4:45 | The Technology of Mars

  • James Reuther(NASA: Deputy Associate Administrator for Programs, STMD)

4:45-5:05 | Protecting Mars and Earth

5:05-5:25 | Senator Bill Nelson, Florida

5:30-7:00 | Onsite Reception

7:00-9:00 | A Conversation with Buzz Aldrin (Apollo XI, Gemini XII) Moderated by Andrew Aldrin (Separate registration now available)


Streaming Live: livestream.com/viewnow/exploremars2015

May 6, 2015 | Betts Auditorium

8:30-9:30 | Morning Keynote: Affordable Human Missions to Mars

  • Firouz Naderi (Director, Solar System Exploration Directorate, JPL)

9:30-10:30 | Affordability and Sustainability: Challenges and Opportunities

  • Moderator – Jason Crusan (Director, Advanced Exploration Systems Division, HEMOD, NASA HQ)
  • Olivier de Weck (Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics and Engineering Systems, MIT)
  • Brand Griffin (Senior Aerospace Engineer, NASA MSFC)
  • Kandyce Goodliff (Senior Aerospace Engineer, NASA LaRC)

10:30-10:40 | Break

10:40-12:00 | Mars Science: The 2020s and Enabled by Astronauts in the 2030s

  • Moderator – Jim Watzin (NASA Director, Mars Exploration Program, NASA HQ)
  • Charles Whetsel (Manager, Formulation Office, Mars Exploration Directorate, JPL)
  • Melissa Trainer (Research Planetary Scientist, NASA GSFC)
  • Michael Hecht (Assistant Director, Haystack Observatory, MIT)
  • Ben Bussey (Chief Exploration Scientist, NASA HQ HEOMD)

12:00-2:00 | Speaker Luncheon, The City View Room, – Greg Olsen (Private Astronaut; President, GHO Ventures) 1957 E St. N.W., Washington, D.C., 7th floor, Elliot School of International Affairs (Separate registration required)

Afternoon | Parallel Technical Panels

Session One

2:00-3:30 | In-Space Propulsion

  • Moderator – Les Johnson (Deputy Manager, Advanced Concepts Office, NASA MSFC)
  • Mark Carter (Director of Technology, Ad Astra)
  • Andrew Petro (Program Executive, Small Spacecraft Technology, NASA HQ STMD)
  • Roger Myers (Executive Director of Advanced In-Space Programs, Aerojet Rocketdyne)
  • Michael Houts (Nuclear Research Manager, NASA MSFC)

3:30-5:15 | Entry, Descent, and Landing for the 2020s and Beyond

  • Moderator – Andrew Keyes (Center Chief Technologist, NASA MSFC)
  • Adam Steltzner (Chief Engineer, MSL Entry, Descent, and Landing, JPL)
  • Jon Olansen (Manager, MORPHEUS Project, NASA JSC)
  • Michelle Munk (Principal Investigator for EDL, NASA LaRC)
  • Mark Adler (Mars Exploration Program Architect, JPL)
  • Josh Brost (Account Manager, SpaceX)

Session Two

2:00-3:30 | Stepping Stones (I): ISS and Beyond

  • Moderator – Sam Scimemi (ISS Director, NASA HQ HEOMD)
  • Robyn Gatens (Acting Deputy Director, ISS Program, NASA HQ HEOMD)
  • Robert Richards (Vice-President, Human Spaceflight Systems, Orbital ATK)
  • Michael Gold (Director of DC Operations, Bigelow Aerospace)
  • Bill Paloski (Manager HRP, NASA JSC)

3:30-5:15 | Stepping Stones (II): ISS and Beyond

  • Moderator – Skip Hatfield (ISS Development Projects Office, NASA JSC)
  • David Smitherman (Technical Manager, Advanced Concepts Office, NASA MSFC)
  • Matthew Duggan (Space Systems Manager, Boeing Company)
  • Josh Hopkins (Space Exploration Architect, Lockheed Martin)

6:00-8:00 | SunTrust Building Reception with tastings from Ardbeg Scotch Space Enthusiasts1445 New York Ave. N.W. Washington, D.C. (Separate registration required)


Streaming Live: livestream.com/viewnow/exploremars2015

May 7, 2015 | Betts Auditorium

9:00-10:00 | From Sci-Fi to Reality

  • Moderator – Catherine Asaro (Science Fiction Author; Sigma Member)
  • Geoffrey Landis (NASA; Science Fiction Author; Sigma Member)
  • Charles Gannon (Science Fiction Author; Sigma Member)
  • Bud Sparhawk (Science Fiction Author; Sigma Member)
  • Tom Ligon (Science Fiction Author; Sigma Member)

10:00-11:00 | Inspiring Support – Public Engagement

  • Moderator – Janet Ivey (Janet’s Planet)
  • Susan Poulton (President, Door 44 Digital; former VP, National Geographic)
  • Larissa Schelkin (Global STEM Initiative)
  • Don Thomas (Astronaut STS-70; Author)
  • Jancy McPhee (NASA, Humans in Space Arts Program & Youth Arts Competition)
  • Stephen Pakbaz (Orbital ATK; Mars Lego Engineer)

11:00-11:20 | Break

11:20-12:20 | Political Roundtable – Building Political Sustainability

  • Moderator – Ann Zulkosky (Director, NASA Programs, Washington Operations, LMCO; former Senate staffer)
  • Ben Roberts (Senior Policy Advisor for Space, the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy)
  • Tom Cremins (Senior Advisor to the Administrator for Strategy and Policy Implementation, NASA)
  • N. Wayne Hale, Jr. (Director of Human Spaceflight, Special Aerospace Services, LLC)
  • Lynda L. Weatherman (President & CEO, Economic Development Commission of Florida’s Space Coast)

12:20-1:00 | Where Do We Go From Here?