Talal M. Al Kaissi

Senior Advisor Commercial Affairs & Special Projects & Director of U.S. – U.A.E. Space Affairs

Talal M. Al Kaissi is the Senior Advisor of Commercial Affairs & Special Projects
to the UAE Embassy Commercial Counselor. Talal is also the Director of U.S. –
U.A.E. Space Affairs. Prior to this role Talal was appointed Chief of Staff &
Advisor to the Commercial Counselor at the UAE Embassy’s Trade & Commercial
Office in November 2009 where he manages the daily operational work of the
Trade Office staff. Talal was also assigned the Space Affairs portfolio
representing the UAE Space Agency’s US affairs and engagements since July 2014.

Talal’s responsibilities at the Trade & Commercial Office focus on trade and
investment promotion activities on behalf of the UAE Ministry of Economy’s
Foreign Trade Division & The UAE Embassy in Washington DC.

Talal and the Commercial Counselor’s main focus is to further enhance and
maintain the positive nature of the UAE/US bilateral trade and commerce
relationship by developing and maintaining contacts with public and private
entities on both sides, identifying synergies and assessing viable opportunities to
facilitate Trade and Commercial agreements or transactions between the UAE
and the US.

In line with the economic and commercial objectives set forth by the UAE
Ministry of Economy, Talal and the Commercial Counselor promote the UAE as
the preferred investment destination for US companies and individuals in the
Middle East providing services and assisting UAE exporters and investors seeking
US markets as well as US exporters seeking UAE markets.