Jim Cantrell

Vector Space Systems: CEO and Co-Founder

Jim is the founder of several entrepreneurial start-ups, including Vector Space, StratSpace and Vintage Exotics Competition Engineering.  He was on the founding team of Moon Express, the first private company to attempt to land on the lunar surface, and played an fundamental role in founding SpaceX and was the first VP of Business Development. Jim Co-Founded Vector Space which is a launch platform company that is developing affordable small launch capabilities aimed at the Micro Spacecraft market.  StratSpace plays pivotal technical and financing roles in the aerospace industry’s most innovative companies including: Skybox Imaging, Planet Labs and Rocket Lab.  StratSpace played significant technical roles on ground-breaking spacecraft missions including the Pluto New Frontiers mission, Osiris-Rex which will bring home samples of an asteroid and Lightsail which is a privately funded solar sail mission.  

Jim serves on several local and national corporate boards for aerospace, energy companies, launch vehicle providers and the Sports Car Club of America.  He holds board of advisor positions at The Planetary Society, ATLAS Space, Morf3D, York Space Systems, and Iceye.  He has also served on 35 major government source selection boards.