Henk Rogers

Founder, International MoonBase Alliance

Henk Rogers is a Hawaii-based activist, visionary and entrepreneur whose many
passions include environmental protection, human colonization of the moon, and
technology innovation.

He is the founder of the International MoonBase Alliance, which has brought
together prominent scientists, futurists, engineers and business people from the
private sector, government agencies, universities, and research labs to make space
colonization a reality; and chairman of the Pacific International Space Center for
Exploration Systems (PISCES).

A passionate clean energy advocate, Rogers founded Blue Planet Foundation, a
nonprofit with a mission to lead Hawaii’s transition to 100 percent renewable
energy by 2045. He is also the founder and CEO of Blue Planet Energy, a leading
provider of energy storage systems that power homes, businesses and utility grids.
He is perhaps best known among video game enthusiasts as the founder and CEO of
Blue Planet Software, which owns the worldwide rights to the Tetris franchise.