Michael Evrard-Vescio

The Bright Blue Bicycle Foundation, President

Michael Evrard-Vescio is an eighth-grade student at The Weiss School in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. He has served as President of the Weiss Speech and Debate Team for the past two years. Michael is a five-year representative on the Student Council, a founding member of the Weiss CubeSat Development Team, and a member of the National Junior Honor Society. Michael is also a project leader for the Weiss Museum Studies project and supporting the creation of an exhibit for the Palm Beach County Historical Society. Michael also plays an active role in the weekly Weiss Friday Morning Show as both an anchor and a tech booth member. This past September Michael was chosen from the student body to introduce the visiting astronaut Story Musgrave in the inaugural Weiss Distinguished Speaker Series.

Michael is president of a charitable initiative called The Bright Blue Bicycle Foundation, which he founded when he was eight years old. His foundation supports other non-profits. Michael is an alumnus of the Junior National Young Leaders Conference (JNYLC). During three JNYLCs attended Michael has been chosen to speak before the Conference, to thank visiting world-class speakers, and has written to Congress and the President. He enjoys competing in local and national debate tournaments. Michael is currently ranked as 7th in the country in congressional middle school debate. Michael intends to serve his country by working in the government and has already interned for politicians on both sides of the aisle. Last year Michael was a member of the first middle school team ever to call on Congress in support of the Space Exploration Alliance’s Legislative Blitz. He looks forward to high school and other opportunities to advance America’s space policy.