Paul Wooster

Lead, Technical Development Mars Architecture and Vehicles, SpaceX

Paul Wooster is a lead in the technical development of SpaceX’s Mars architecture and vehicles, including both Red Dragon and human-scale systems. He is also the Manager of Spacecraft Guidance Navigation and Control at SpaceX. Since joining SpaceX in 2007, he has led the development of a diverse set of capabilities, ranging from space-to-space communications to relative navigation systems. He serves as the SpaceX technical expert for Dragon rendezvous, proximity operations, and capture with the International Space Station, including for the overall system design and fault tolerance associated with Dragon approach to ISS. Prior to joining SpaceX, Paul was a Research Scientist in the Aero/Astro department at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he also received Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in aerospace engineering. His research at MIT included the design and evaluation of a wide range of human exploration system architectures and development of strategies for affordable human Moon and Mars exploration.