Rich Evans III

Social Media Manager, Explore Mars Inc.

Rich Evans is a science communicator, social media strategist, STEAM enrichment provider, and the author of the blog @sagansense on Tumblr, where he’s been a contributing editor for the Tumblr Science Community for 8 years. Through this medium, Evans worked with Planetary Resources, Inc. and the XPRIZE Foundation as a Vanguard on such projects as the ARKYD-3 spacecraft to demonstrate the testing of software necessary for prospecting asteroids, and the ongoing Global Learning XPRIZE to bring 2.5 million adults and children to literacy through incentivized innovation. Rich is the Director of Social Media and Public Relations for the films ‘I want to be an Astronaut‘ (which premiered on the International Space Station) before a national screening tour, and ‘Fight for Space‘ (which premiered at DOC NYC in 2017). Rich was contracted as a social media strategist for the science start-up; public relations for SciNote, and the New Worlds Institute for their first annual New Worlds Conference in Austin, TX. Rich Evans was a regular host for the Endeavorist podcast ‘Ponderlust‘, and in 2015, Rich was a guest on the Philadelphia Geek Award-winning podcast/radio show BLACK TRIBBLES, where he was inducted into the ‘Tribble Nation’ alliance where his call sign remains ‘Cosmic Tribble.’ Rich also worked with the Viking Mars Education and Preservation Project on their efforts to digitize, preserve, and make globally accessible archived Viking mission data from early Mars missions.

Father of two boys (Landen, 11 and Huxley, 3), Rich resides in York, Pennsylvania where he’s served as the STEAM enrichment provider for the Hannah Penn K-8 after school program and the YMCA summer program ’31 Days of Science and Fun’. Rich actively advocates for #HumansToMars as the Social Media Manager for Explore Mars, Inc.